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Discuss your vision with our technicians today! Our staff is up to date with the hottest trends. Our salon houses a long line of polishes and professional products to choose from. 

Lightning Fast

No smudges! We use an LED light to set your nails so they're completely dry before you exit our salon. 

Long Lasting

We use top tier products to ensure your nails can keep up with a busy lifestyle. 





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Full Set Gel Nails


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Polish Change

Common Questions

Acrylic or gel?

It depends on what you're looking to achieve. If your goal is to increase length and thickness, you might want to go with a full acrylic set. Your technician will adjust the length based on your desired look. If you're simply looking for a tough finish that will last a couple of weeks (opposed to standard polish timelines), gel is right for you! 

Is acrylic bad for my natural nails? 

Many wonder if acrylic applications will harm their natural nails, but it's not likely. Longterm acrylic wear may thin your natural nails, but luckily, they grow back just as healthy as they were prior to application. Salon technicians are professionally trained to ensure sterilization and obtain a license by the state board to ensure no harm is done during the application process. 

How long will my acrylic/gel last?

Depending on your natural growth, acrylic or gel finishes should last up to 2 weeks. If you've received acrylic, you'll notice a gap forming around your nail line due to natural growth. At this point you'll want to schedule a fill which is where your technician will blend your expired acrylic with new solution, making them appear as new. If you've received gel you'll want a clean start after 2 weeks.